Awkward Intro Post

I suppose an introduction is necessary isn’t it ?

Oh dear .. what do say?

I debated starting a personal blog for a long time, placing the pros and cons next to each other as well as see if time will allow me some room to be able to have one and be able to maintain and update it as often as I would have liked should I start one.

Well, this blog post should be evident enough of what became of the argument

It’s not like I never had a blog before. On the contrary, my livejournal account dates back to my college days years ago and it holds many updates which includes, writings, book reviews, ramblings and random rants (yes I do that)

However I decided to move on to Livejournal and have an independent site

So what will this blog be all about?

Mostly, it’ll be used for my writing, whether they were pieces that I wrote or just updates on what am I doing with my novel writing. It has been a dream of mine to become a published author since the age of 16 (even though my first story was written in the 4th Grade) and 3 years later, I decided to take it seriously and start writing

I’ll also be posting book reviews in this blog, with just a few other posts of my other interests such as fashion, movie/ series review … you might even find an angry rant once in a while XD

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. I hope whoever finds this blog enjoys what I have to say and reading what I write

Till the next blog post



2 thoughts on “Awkward Intro Post

  1. writergrlrox says:

    Livejournal is where all geniuses begin their journey (Look at Mark Zuckerberg for illustration)

    I love the calming purple design btw 🙂

    • Fatma Abdulla says:

      I had tons of people on LJ but they suddenly disappeared from sight and it became so dull and unproductive so i thought a blog would give me much more freedom
      Thanks hun ^^ I debated on the colors for a long time before deciding on that ^^

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