Untitled Chapters First Birthday

So Last Thursday, March 21st was the Untitled Chapters 1st Birthday. After months of planning and working hard to get everything done, it finally happened.

Ever since the beginning, when I first started Untitled Chapters I’ve dreamed of this event. I dreamed of celebrating it’s one year of success and I’ve dreamed of giving the writers of Untitled Chapters the opportunity to have their work in print.

Though, I did not achieve everything that I wanted to do for the event but I can’t help but feel proud of what this little community has achieved. Never in a million years did I think it was going to blow up like it did in 2012 but I’m truly grateful that people do find benefit and a sense of belonging (their words not mine) in Untitled Chapters and that brings me close to tears.

I wanted this event to be all about the writers, to motivate them to want to write more and achieve new heights with their writing and their passion which is why I awarded the Writers of the Month with trophies, to keep them going and to encourage other writers to try to improve their writing to become better writers.

I wanted the Untitled Chapters Vol 1 was the center piece of the event because it’s one thing to have your work on a website but it is a whole different feeling to be able to hold a physical copy of your work and to be able to sign your name on other people’s copies was something that I wanted to give the writers of Untitled Chapters so that that would be able to feel what’s it like to sign books and that is a feeling that is absolutely priceless. I am pretty confident that it has motivated their passion for wanting to get published

I, of course, wanted to have this event go as smoothly as possible and decided not to sit down at the signing table, even though my work was present in the book as well but being able to unsure that everything was going smoothly for the writers was more of a priority for me than being in the spotlight.

Though I was asked to sign a few books, which was flattering

Thank you so much for everyone who attended the event. Thank you so much Untitled Chapters writers and last but certainly not least, thank you to the Untitled Chapters Team who made it all happen

Here’s to a brand new year




2 thoughts on “Untitled Chapters First Birthday

  1. Shahd says:

    It was a marvelous event Mash’Allah! Thank you for the experience and for the family we belong to. You raise us up!

  2. writergrlrox says:

    I wasn’t physically there that night, but in spirit I was. And you guys did a great job narrating it to me, providing all the right wordings and instas that totally transported me to the time and place of the event. So heck yeah you deserve all this! You’re the best writing team, and I’m honored to be one of you.
    Thank you f6aim ❤

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