Day 3: Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature 2013

The Last day of the Emirates Airlines festival of literature is always a sad one for me. It always provides me with a weekend that makes my whole year and 2013 wasn’t any different.

Anyway, here’s Day 3 of the Emirates Airlines festival of literature

9th March 2013

Sessions I attended

  • How to Write Historical Fiction Masterclass with Kate Lord Brown

Really? It’s like they made this session just for me. I was bummed that I wasn’t able to attend the Creative Writing
Masterclass: Finding Your Voice with Ben Okri because it was at the same time as this but I mean, come on! Would I miss this session? When it is so obviously for the type of novels I write? Not in this lifetime

  • Best Kept Secret and the Art of Villainy with Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer is favorite in my household, my father absolutely loves his novels and so it is very unlikely that I was going to miss this session. I have to say, in the 5 years of attending the Emirates Airlines festival of literature, Jeffrey Archer is one of the most, if not the most, entertaining guest they have ever brought it. He was hilarious, he was blunt and he was honest. I loved every minute of it and he had a full house and a standing ovation for both of his session.

I got copies of his books signed for me and my Dad ^^

  • Pride and Prejudice – From Page To Screen Masterclass with Deborah Moggach

I am no screenwriter and I am not exactly a fan of the 2005 Pride and Prejudice movie but I wanted to attend this session because I wanted to understand how this writer was able to take something like Pride and Prejudice and make it into a movie. She brought up some really good stories about it and I found myself enjoying it

That was my weekend at the 2013 Emirates Airlines festival of literature.

I managed to get an interview with Barry Cunningham for Untitled Chapters and he very happily signed my Harry Potter Book ❤

To next year

(I REALLY hope they get more romance writers. preferably Julia Quinn .. I’d simply DIE from happiness if that happens)

Until then



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