Tip Tuesday # 1

 There are hundreds of writing tips in the world, whether they were in books, online, interviews, advice from other writers. It does not end the amount of tips one can look up about writing.

So I’ve decided that I am going to put up a writing tip every Tuesday, either from the books I’ve been reading or whenever I’m researching something online and find something that I feel will benefit you guys as well.

So for this week’s Tuesday Tip, I’m going to reference the book I’ve been reading to help with my Moonlight revisions titled Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore by Elizabeth Lyon

In one tip that she gives writers in writing the beginning of their novel is as follows

“I don’t recommend that any unpublished novelist begin with one character alone, because the character will inevitably turn inwards, which means lots of telling rather than showing” – Elizabeth Lyon

Hope this tip is helpful to you ^^

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The Passing V2

Hello Guys!

Just wanted to share with you guys another short story that I’ve written. It’s the short story that I’ve submitted for the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair & The National Newspaper Short Story contest (Didn’t win but was estatic that my dear friend Shahd won 4th place, you can find her winning story Farewell, My Broken Heart here)

If you guys remember the very first post that was posted on the Untitled Chapters website here, then you’ll realize that this story is quite similiar. It is actually the same story that I posted back then but I thought that since this story would be perfect for the theme that the contest was for which was “Gone” I decided that I was going to re-write it and send it in. So without any futher delay because of my rambling, here is The Passing V2. I hope you enjoy ^^

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Q&A Thursday #1

How it works is that I’ll gather all the questions that people ask me during the week which will have answers above the 140 character limit and answer them every Thursday. The questions that’ll have a very simple answer, I’ll still reply to directly through twitter so this trend is just for those long questions that I need to elaborate on or explain

So for the first week, I have 5 common questions that people ask me. Ask any questions you might have in mind, whether or not it is related to my writing and I’ll try to answer as best I can ^^

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Sophie’s Blog Challenges

I just wanted to give a shout out to something that I’ve been watching for a little while now and I feel that it is a great idea!
Safiya Aka Sophie is hosting Blog challenges where she posts a theme for each challenge. Writers who have blogs will be able to write a piece based on that theme and post it on their personal blog

There’s a great response to it and I’m also be joining these challenges starting with the next one that will be posted

if you’re a writer and have a blog, go ahead and join as well! Keeping on writing is the best way to improve your writing and these challenges will give the opportunity to do so and connect with other writers that are taking part

These Challenges are posted in Safiya’s blog here

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A Message to aspiring writers

I wanted to write this post because I feel that this is something that I want to address.

When I was 4, I shared my first story with one person and one person only.

When I was 16 years old, I began to write again, but I wrote under an alias and no one outside my family knew that I was writing. I’ve never shared my work with any of them.

When I was 19 years ago, I began to write my first novel and was more open about my writing. I have never shared anything of my writing to anyone

It was only when I was 21 years old when I decided that I was not going to hide what I’m passionate about anymore

Therefore, I began to tell the world of my writing and I began to share my work with others and be more open.

A large part of why I didn’t share my work is because of my insecurities, something that everyone has in them, especially writers. I was so scared that if I wrote something I would be criticized or people would take it the wrong way.

But most of all, I think I hid it because I didn’t have people around me who shared this passion.

It is partly why I started Untitled Chapters, to find these writers and to create a place where Emirati Writers can find each other.

Today, as I see more and more writers come out, my heart is just filled with joy.

Young writers, teenagers are beginning to open up about their writing despite their insecurities and fears.

I couldn’t be more proud to see this and I can’t help but be happy that there is a large number of young teenagers who are open to express themselves. I just want to go up to all them and provide all the support that I did not get because I held myself back

And yet….

I see a lot of them; do indeed get criticized for what they write by people that surround them, people who are supposed to support them. It wouldn’t be a problem if these comments would be constructive criticism, in fact I would encourage those. I am talking about people who are making statements that feed these young writer’s insecurities and make them slowly go back into shadows.

To these writers I say:

Don’t listen to these people. You were able to tap into your imagination and creativity and be able to create something that is a part of you, which will most likely live forever on paper. Every writer gets criticized so you shouldn’t feel that you are not good enough. If a loved one criticizes your work, sit down with them and make them understand what writing is all about, what fiction or poetry is.

And if they don’t listen to you, then I’m sorry to say that, you don’t need that person in the writer side of you

Identify the comments that are constructive for your writing and don’t listen to the ones that are just there to bring you down.

Just never give up on what you love.

Just keep writing

To those people that criticize writers for no reason or assume false aspects in the piece that these writers have written:

I would understand if you don’t understand what fiction writing is or what disclaimers mean.

However, if you do understand what fiction writing is all about and understand what a disclaimer is, then I have to say shame on you. Shame on you for wanting to bash young writers just for your amusement or because you have no sense of your own self-worth so you want to bring others down.

I actually feel very sorry for you

I just needed to get that off my chest, I might be harsh in the last bit but I do feel angry whenever I see these displays acted upon writers just to bring them down

Until next time