Game of Thrones Tag

So in honor of the premier of Season 3 Game of thrones I decided to do a tag where I’ve answered 12 questions about the series and the book

(Keep in mind that I’ve only read the first 3 books and my answers are based on that)

 1. How did you discover the book/TV Series?

I actually discovered the series when I first saw the trailer. I am a huge history fan and Medieval England is one of the time periods that I absolutely love and when I saw the first trailer of the series I was so happy that there is a historical TV Series coming out and you don’t see a lot of those coming out.

Anyway, when I first saw the trailer and I heard that it was based on a book, I thought I’d read the book first. What pushed it at the top of my TBR Pile was the fact that my cousin began to read it and he praised it so much and told me to get to the nearest book store to get it and so I did

2. What is your favorite house other than the Starks and the Lannisters?

Hmmm this is a tough one

I would have to say…. House Targaryen

Just because of Daenerys

And because I feel that this family has a really long history behind them

And because I love dragons =p

3. Favorite person in the Stark house?

Sansa! Sansa! Sansa! SANSA!

Yes Sansa Stark is my favorite person in Stark House

A lot of people hate her character because she’s not as badass as Arya and Sansa always gets compared to her sister, which I feel is unfair, not to mention they hate her because of her behavior towards Joffery and the Lannisters.

First of all, the girl is 11 years old. Sure in the series she seems older but she is a child, who is her own person and is the type of girl that is like most girls. Girly, feminine and have fantasies of marrying price charming and so Joffery comes in and he fits that description of her prince charming so of course she’d develop a crush on him before she knew what he was like. After she was faced with the reality of who her fiancée really is, she hated him… With a passion!

I feel that Sansa is the only one among the Stark children that understands how to play the game of thrones (heck she understood it more than Ned himself), despite being 11… She knows what will keep her alive (which is not honor or being honest) and how the politics work in Kings landing, especially after she’s trapped there for the majority of Book 2.

So yeah… I love Sansa

4. Favorite person in the Lannister house?

Oh dear god

This is a very tough choice because every single Lannister is a very interesting character. I mean, you’ve got Cersei, Jamie, Tyrion, and Tywin … how can you choose?

At first I hated Cersei and Jaime but they grew on me as I discovered more of their characters

But I have to say that my choice for favorite Lannister has to be Tyrion.

I’ve loved his character from book 1, he is someone who whenever I was reading the book and come to his chapters, my face would crack up in a smile so wide people thought I was insane.

You’ve got to admire Tyrion for the environment he grew up with and how he handles situations that he’s put in. His behavior to him being an Imp and deformed and how his own family’s attitude is towards him is something that I admire.

Plus Peter Dinklage just takes his character to a whole new level

5. Who is your favorite character?

I honestly can’t just pick one so I’m going with my top 5

  1. Tyrion
  2. Sansa
  3. Jaime
  4. Daenerys
  5. Brienne , Cersei and Cat are tied in 5th place

 6. Least favorite character?



7. Which book is your favorite?

While Game of Thrones (Book 1) holds a special place in my heart, A Storm of Swords is my favorite book in the series (so far) just because of how much emotional it has made me

8. What was your initial thoughts on the book and what was your initial thoughts on the series?

I loved the book, at first it was abit confusing as to who is who and where is this all happening because the world was huge and there’s a huge list of characters but once you get into it, I can’t put it down

The series, I thought was an amazing adaptation to the book, despite some of the minor changes that they did to it. I did think that the overuse of the sex scenes was unnecessary. I hated how much they just added that into the series without the need for it.

9. Which character you love but everyone else hates ?

Sansa Stark

Refer to my answer to Question 3

10. Which character you hate but everyone else loves?


Not so much love but I did pity Viserys because his character was just that, pitiful

Also, I’m not a huge fan of Bran .. The more I read his chapters, I find myself bored with them

 11. Who do you ship in the series?


  • Tyrion and Sansa
  • Jaime and Brienne
  • Gendry and Arya
  • Drogo and Daenerys

Wanna shoot me for the first ship ?BRING IT ON!

12. If you’re a character in the book, who would you be?

Wow.. This is a tough one

Brienne perhaps?

I don’t know, she’s tough and she can hold her own against most enemies. Plus she had that vulnerable side to her

That’s it for the Tag. Hope you enjoyed getting to know more about what I love about GOT and if you do this tag then link me up, I’d love to read your answers

Until then



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