Moonlight Revions Update #1

So I’ve decided that I’m going to be doing these mini updates on how I’ve been doing with the revisions of Moonlight.

Chapters Revised: 1 – 22

Currently on Chapter: 23

Major decisions:

Last week has been a great week for me, I’ve been revising 2 – 3 chapters a day and I could feel that I’ve made great progress with revisions and how I want the plot of this story to be.

I was very fond of Moonlight’s Prologue, for some reason it made me feel very …. Literary … using big words and dramatic sentences and all.

After much consideration (and after following Luigi Bonomi advice) I’ve decided to scrap the prologue and have the story start from Chapter 1. It’ll give the story so much mystery and the ending of Chapter 1 will be much more dramatic for the readers without the prologue.

With that said… Updates for this week

I have been wanting to continue this great revision streak this week but for some reason, I’ve not been in the right mind … I think I’m falling into a Writers-Revisions Block >.<

I really don’t need this! I’ve set up a deadline for me to finish with revisions by the end of April and the clock is ticking

oh special shout out to the moonlight beta-readers: Shahd, Asma and Afra ^^

Until next time



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