Q&A Thursday #1

How it works is that I’ll gather all the questions that people ask me during the week which will have answers above the 140 character limit and answer them every Thursday. The questions that’ll have a very simple answer, I’ll still reply to directly through twitter so this trend is just for those long questions that I need to elaborate on or explain

So for the first week, I have 5 common questions that people ask me. Ask any questions you might have in mind, whether or not it is related to my writing and I’ll try to answer as best I can ^^

Q1. When did you start writing?

Unofficially, I started from the 4th grade =p

Officially, I started writing (horribly I might add) when I was 16 years old where I’ve written short stories

I finished my first full novel Trapped in 2010

Q2. You mentioned Moonlight being a historical fiction novel set in England? Why did you choose to write it in that period?

Well, I simply adore Historical Fiction; it’s my favorite genre to read in so naturally I would take it upon myself to write at least one of Historical Fiction novel.

It’s also because I felt that the story I wanted to convey fit that time period. Moonlight could not have been written in any other setting, time period or characters. It simply would not work

Q3. Do you write Emirati stories?

I’ve written one novel revolving around an Emirati Family in 2011 which was going to be a series of books; each sibling of that family would have his story in a separate novel… sort of the Emirati Version of the Bridgeton family series written by the wonderful Julia Quinn

After I finished the first book and went back to read it, I found that there was no spark in the contents of the story. So I decided to leave it aside for a bit, who knows perhaps I’ll come back to it one day.

I also have plans for a YA Novel whose characters are Emirati but it is not going to be set in the UAE. They won’t be obvious but Emirati readers will be able to identify where the characters are coming from.

Q4. Why haven’t you published Moonlight yet? You’ve been tweeting about it for a long time but we haven’t seen it come out yet

Well, the writing process did take quite some time. It took me a year and a half to write my first draft and I am now in the progress of revising and editing it. Once that’s done, I’ll start querying agents and I’m hoping to be able to land an agent (at least) by the end of the year.

Q5. Did you do anything else creative other than writing?

I actually did paint when I was younger; I took a few classes and did a couple of pieces. But when I discovered writing I found that it is the creative medium that I was meant to do

I also love fashion design, it has been one of my dreams growing up, to design my own fashion label and it is still something that I day-dream about till this day.

Perhaps one day right?

So those were the 5 questions for the week, I look forward to receiving more from you

Until next time



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