Tip Tuesday # 1

 There are hundreds of writing tips in the world, whether they were in books, online, interviews, advice from other writers. It does not end the amount of tips one can look up about writing.

So I’ve decided that I am going to put up a writing tip every Tuesday, either from the books I’ve been reading or whenever I’m researching something online and find something that I feel will benefit you guys as well.

So for this week’s Tuesday Tip, I’m going to reference the book I’ve been reading to help with my Moonlight revisions titled Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore by Elizabeth Lyon

In one tip that she gives writers in writing the beginning of their novel is as follows

“I don’t recommend that any unpublished novelist begin with one character alone, because the character will inevitably turn inwards, which means lots of telling rather than showing” – Elizabeth Lyon

Hope this tip is helpful to you ^^

Until next time



2 thoughts on “Tip Tuesday # 1

  1. writergrlrox says:

    Coolness! I am definitely keeping a lookout for these Tip Tuesday posts!

    I read a book recently that was damn good. It was written by one of the writers who worked on the Gilmore Girls writing staff. Her name is Sarah Dunn and the title I read was “Secrets to Happiness”.
    The book tells the story of a writer who wrote a novel ‘loosely’ based on her ex semi-fiance (the semi part is so funny I can’t explain it) anyway, so she tells the story from different POV, there are characters that are well-defined, and she can write from a man’s POV without sounding a bit like a girl. It’s fascinating and I really do believe as a first novel, writers should explore different characters. Introduce people to the world in their head.

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