Tips Tuesday # 5

I’m back with another tip!

This week’s tip comes from the 2013 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market Edition. It has a section that’s called Reading with a writer’s eye by Tania Casselle which states:

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Tips Tuesday # 4

Hello writers

I’m back with another tip for you all ^^

This week’s tip comes from a book I’ve had for a while but did not have a chance to read it earlier. Ever since I picked it up last week, I have been enjoying it immensely!
Book name: on Writing Romance. How to craft a novel that sells by Leigh Michaels

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Tip Tuesday # 2

For my second post for Tips Tuesday, I’m going to reference Elizabeth Lyon‘s book Manuscript Makeover: Revision Techniques No Fiction Writer Can Afford to Ignore once again because I feel that this book has a ton of writing advice. You can find my review of it here

Anyway, for this week’s tip, it’s going be all about the revision stage of your novel in which Lyon states the following:

“Full development of your characters is one of the most important of all revision tasks, simply because every element of craft – scenes, sequels, subtext, dialogue, exposition, flashback, description, sensory details, settings and theme – is filtered through the fine fabric of your character” – Elizabeth Lyon

Hope this tip is helpful to you ^^

Until next time


Moonlight Update # 2

Hey guys

So I just wanted to update you guys on how have revisions been for Moonlight.

I’m done with Revisions!!

I’m so happy I was finally able to finish revising my first draft of Moonlight and I was able to do it within the deadline that I had for myself which was to get it done by May 1st

After I was done with that, I’ve decided to jump right in to re-writing Moonlight and getting my second draft ready

Moonlight Revisions: Finished all 35 chapters

Currently re-writing Chapter: 5

Major decisions:

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