Moonlight Update # 2

Hey guys

So I just wanted to update you guys on how have revisions been for Moonlight.

I’m done with Revisions!!

I’m so happy I was finally able to finish revising my first draft of Moonlight and I was able to do it within the deadline that I had for myself which was to get it done by May 1st

After I was done with that, I’ve decided to jump right in to re-writing Moonlight and getting my second draft ready

Moonlight Revisions: Finished all 35 chapters

Currently re-writing Chapter: 5

Major decisions:

Like I said in my last update post, I’m scrapping the Moonlight’s Prologue and starting directly with chapter 1 (it was so hard pressing the delete button XD)

Chapter 2 gave me a pretty hard time. I had to re-write it all over again because I realized that I’ve written in completely in the POV of a minor character and because that character will not have a POV again in the novel. I had to write this chapter in a completely new POV of one of the main characters.

Chapter 2 in my first draft was also extremely long so I decided to split it into two different chapters because I realized that I:

  1. Jumped from one scene to another
  2. Introduced too many character in one chapter

Which is a big mistake when writing a book

Chapter 4 (previously chapter 3) pretty much stayed in the same outline as it was originally in, just tweaked it a bit (or a lot actually XD)

Until next time



3 thoughts on “Moonlight Update # 2

  1. writergrlrox says:

    Oh wow! Mashallah, I freaking admire your courage…I know I’m gonna have to do this as well and it’s so mortifying…the idea of DELETING all this hard work…you are such an inspiration Ftaim, thanks for the updates 🙂

    • Fatma Abdulla says:

      thanks hun <3.. editing is killing me! Every time I had to delete whole sections and chapters I feel a piece of my soul has been ripped out … but in the end, I know that I'm taking those bits out because it's for the better of the book

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