Q&A Thursday #2

The second installment of Q & A Thursday is here and I’m so eager to answer your question. I’m glad I’ve received quite a few of them already so without any further delay, let’s just jump into the questions

Q1. Why didn’t you publish your book Trapped in 2010?

I wrote Trapped back in 2010 and it was my first attempt at National Novel writing month, which is basically a challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I had the concept in my head and decided to go ahead and take up the challenge (I did win =D)

I do see some potential in Trapped but I think it needs a lot of cleaning up to do and because it is a completely different genre than the one I’m currently focusing it, I kept it in the back burner for the time being

Who knows, perhaps one day right?

Q2. Who is your favorite author?

Oh boy, this is as difficult as choosing your favorite book (please don’t ask me that! XD)

There are many authors that I admire both; living and dead.

Jane Austen has to be my #1 favorite (Dead) author. I felt that her words and world speaks to me like no other author before her. She is my idol and

Julia Quinn is my #1 favorite (living) romantic writer. Her books are so precious to my heart; I cannot imagine ever getting tired of her plots, characters and humor. She is my inspiration to write. I have yet to meet her but I’d imagine myself fainting at the sight of her

George R R Martin is a freaking master in writing! Read Game of Thrones and you’ll see what I mean. Personally, when I first read it, I felt that my writing belonged to a first grader compared to this guy

Other authors I do admire are: Christina Dodd, Richelle Mead, George Orwell, J.K Rowling, Charlotte Bronte, Teresa Medeiros, Robin Mckinley, Loretta Chase and Judith James

I’m sure this list is only going to expand as there are many writers I have yet to explore their work

Q3. How many words do you write a day?

I don’t have a set routine for how many words I write in a day but I do try to set a deadline date and write accordingly to how well or how badly I’m achieving that deadline.

I haven’t written a novel since November of 2012 so I can’t really remember how many words I did a day but I’m guessing that I was doing 1000 – 3000 a day

Thank you for your questions

I look forward to receiving more from you

Until next time



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