Tips Tuesday # 3

Since Moonlight is set in the Regency Era, it makes it a historical romance book. So for this weeks’ Tips Tuesday I thought I’d refer Untitled Chapters’ post about writing historical fiction

There are three different ways one can write a historical fiction novel; writers can choose one the three scenarios below

  1. Write a story about a real person who lived in a period of time (Examples: Henry the 8th, Cleopatra) Though writers must keep in mind that they cannot simply make up things about the person or just say that they did certain things when the history books clearly say that that person didn’t
    • Example: a writer CANNOT write about Henry the 8th beheading his first wife because that is historically incorrect; he divorces his first wife and beheaded his second wife.
  2. Create a story that takes place at a certain event (Example: The World Wars; your character can be a soldier who fought in it, or a nurse who tended to the wounded, or a child separated from their parents because of the war and is now a journey to find them)
  3. Create a character completely out of your head that had lived in that particular period of time. Doesn’t matter if they existed or not in real life.

Just to drop a teaser, Moonlight takes on senario # 3

Refer to the Untitled Chapter website for more info about writing Historical Fiction

Hope this tip is helpful to you ^^

Until next time



One thought on “Tips Tuesday # 3

  1. writergrlrox says:

    Brilliant! That was definitely enlightening. Thank you Fatma 🙂 I was actually researching for work and your blog came up first on the browser’s suggestions list and I was like, okkkk just one peek at the new tip. lol

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