Tips Tuesday # 4

Hello writers

I’m back with another tip for you all ^^

This week’s tip comes from a book I’ve had for a while but did not have a chance to read it earlier. Ever since I picked it up last week, I have been enjoying it immensely!
Book name: on Writing Romance. How to craft a novel that sells by Leigh Michaels

This book starts off with an introduction on the industry and the different genres that romance books can fall into. What I found interesting is when I got to the section on writing your Setting of your story.

The book does give writers the option of either writing in a place that already exists or fictionalize the setting of the story, which was what I found very interesting.

The book states that the advantage of fictionalizing your own setting is that you don’t need to research the details of an already existing place and avoid the possibility of making a mistake.

The book says that a writer can be able to create a fictionalized small town in an already existing country, taking in that country’s laws and customs without needing to dig deep in research in terms of any particular town.

Writes can also fictionalize street names and buildings in large cities, which the chances of everyone knowing the name of every street or building are slim.

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What brought my attention the most is when the book gave some advice on creating a larger setting such a whole fictional country or even world. What the book advices writers is that while this is much more daunting, you are in control of every aspect of this country or world in terms of traditions, laws and practices. The book also states that a writer can develop a history of this country that can go back centuries before the actual story starts. Writers don’t have to share these historical details with the readers but it’ll avoid inconsistency in creating your world and make it more solid.

A great example of an author that does that is George R R Martin with his A Song of Ice and Fire series. He created a great world with such an intensive history to it and the fans love it!

Hope you guys enjoyed this tip.

Until next time



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