Poem: Her Protector

It’s been a long time hasn’t it? The last couple of weeks have been crazy and I was running around the place.

Anyway, I’m back to bring you guys the latest in terms of my writing.

I’ve met with the group that I took my advanced writing course with and we decided that it would be fun to have a monthly prompt or theme that we can all write about.

The first theme was to write a poem that started with “You’re taking off your clothes….”


Yeah I probably had the same reaction when I first saw that as you did.

So without further ado, this is my poem on this theme

(Keep in mind, I am no poet … In fact I suck at writing poetry! I’m a novel writing kind of girl XD)

Her Protector

You’re taking off your clothes….

And I felt sick…

The only sound…

The thud of the clothes hitting the floor….

The imprinted hand caught my gaze…

The purple graffiti marring the porcelain skin…

One more reveled…

This one held the hue of faded sunflowers…

Only this was not so cheerful….

One more…

This was fresher….

I felt air leave my entire body…

Anguish surrounded my every being….

How could this happen…

Was spinning in my mind …

How could I be so blind…

That my little girl could ender this fiend

The man who share our lives

Stole her childhood, stole her innocence

Her protector…

My Husband …

Her father…

I hope you enjoyed it

Until next time


p.s This was inspired from watching too much Dr. Phil on Youtube XD


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