Moonlight Update # 3

Hello dearies!

(Sorry been watching too much Once Upon A Time XD)

Just wanted to come back and post my progress on Moonlight!

A while back, I stated that my initial goal was to finish rewriting it before Ramadan starts, which will be happening in a couple of days so have I achieved this goal?

Unfortunately, I haven’t 😦

But on the plus side, I have reached the half-way point with it so that’s something I’m happy for! Plus who knows, perhaps I will be able to buckle up and finish in two days

Anyway, while rewriting, I must have added at least 3 completely new chapters in the mix and removed 2 minor characters completely from the novel so they won’t be making an appearance anymore.  But to be quite honest, I’m not sad at all to see them go. They were a burden on the plot

So what’s next for me, well I also decided that I will start querying agents! (the meer throught has me scared out of my wits!) I decided that I would start emailing and mailing agents while continuing to work on rewriting Moonlight, just to keep busy so I won’t go insane with waiting for replies

In preparation for this, I’m going to quickly re-read The Writer’s Digest Guide to Query Letters so I’ll be able to get my query letters right and not make any mistakes that could cost me getting an agent

Recent song obsessions: Lonely any more by Rob Thomas

So till next time ^.^



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