Blogger’s Challenge: Interpret a picture

I haven’t been that active in the last couple blogger challenges, been away on vacation and didn’t have much time to blog or write all together.

So for this week’s challenge, we should interpret a picture so I choose a picture that I took during my visit to Hamburg.

A little bit of its background, I was walking to the train station to pick up a car to drive to Berlin. During that walk, this man was standing next to us and he asked us politely if we knew where the train station was. We did know where it was and pointed out the directions to get to it. As we started to walk again, I couldn’t help but glance at this man every once in a while, with thoughts bouncing in my mind about who this man was and what was he doing here. He clearly wasn’t a resident since he needed directions so I snapped a picture of him because he had intrigued me. So for this challenge, I decided to write this man’s story, in the 1st person which is not something I do but I feel that it was appropriate for this picture.

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Moonlight Update #4

So it’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys on Moonlight (extremely flattered that some people actually care about this novel of mine and are asking me to update on that)

 So as you all know from my pervious Moonlight Updates, I have been re-writing my first draft and I am pleased to say that I am now in the last third of the novel! So not too long till I’m done with my second draft!

I know a second draft is not that impressive compared to other writers who have re-written their novels at least a dozen times but I have a good feel about this draft, it feels complete and ready

 So during my breaks between rewrites and taking care of Untitled Chapters matters, I have been scouting for agents to send my query to and I have a significant number of people who I wanna send my query to.

And in between that, I have started writing the actual query that I will be sending to those agents and I have to say, it’s a lot harder than it sounds.

That’s all from me, wish me luck

Will keep you posted on what happens to Moonlight

Recent song obsession: Locked out of Heaven


Arabian Love Story

So as many of you know, I took an Advanced Creative Writing course a while ago and ever since it concluded, I have been meeting with the writing group every last Saturday of every month so we can practice writing and continue to support each other in growing as writers.

Last Saturday, as part of the writing exercise that we do during the meeting, we were given a postcard and we had to pick our 5 random words from an envelope. Once we have the 5 words and the postcard we need to write an Arabian Love story using them.

I thought I would share my piece with you, we had 10 minutes to write so it is a little short and is the first draft but I’m happy with it ^^

 Postcard (took a pic of it to show you guys ^^)

My 5 words:

Chocolate, Jacket, Jamal, art, chair

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Twisted Fairytales (1)

Hey guys

So if you were wondering where I have gone and why I neglected this blog again.. well I didn’t exactly neglect it. I was on vacation (but I’ll leave that for another blog post =p) but I’m back now and have a ton of new posts =D

What better way to start them off than with a short story I wrote for this month’s meeting of my writing class group called Wordsmith’s Cafe where we meet every last Saturday of each month for some writing exersises

I particularly LOVED this week’s writing prompt which was “What if fairytales did not have happy endings? In the case of the story of Cinderella, what would have happened if the shoe didn’t fit? What if it fit one of the sisters? What would prince charming do? What would the fairy godmother do?” Start your piece from this point.

I love fairytales and I adore fairytale retellings (I think it must have been obvious from my love of the Once Upon A Time TV series) I actually wrote 2 stories for this prompt. The First still had a happy ending while the second .. well not so much and I ended up reading the second one to the group

I would like to share both of them with you, starting with the one I shared in the group ^^ They don’t have titles so I just call them Twisted Fairytales (both 1st Drafts)

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