Twisted Fairytales (1)

Hey guys

So if you were wondering where I have gone and why I neglected this blog again.. well I didn’t exactly neglect it. I was on vacation (but I’ll leave that for another blog post =p) but I’m back now and have a ton of new posts =D

What better way to start them off than with a short story I wrote for this month’s meeting of my writing class group called Wordsmith’s Cafe where we meet every last Saturday of each month for some writing exersises

I particularly LOVED this week’s writing prompt which was “What if fairytales did not have happy endings? In the case of the story of Cinderella, what would have happened if the shoe didn’t fit? What if it fit one of the sisters? What would prince charming do? What would the fairy godmother do?” Start your piece from this point.

I love fairytales and I adore fairytale retellings (I think it must have been obvious from my love of the Once Upon A Time TV series) I actually wrote 2 stories for this prompt. The First still had a happy ending while the second .. well not so much and I ended up reading the second one to the group

I would like to share both of them with you, starting with the one I shared in the group ^^ They don’t have titles so I just call them Twisted Fairytales (both 1st Drafts)

The skies were grim, the clouds bringing the promise of an upcoming storm, gates creaked and shops deserted while the streets stood haunted with silence, all but one whose path sent footprints echoing through the deserted town, save the town square where crowds who donned the color of death gathered.

It was the month of mourning, ever since that day when the most vicious of crimes was committed.

The day that Prince James fiancée was murdered.

No one really knows what really occurred; all they know was that it was committed through the act of envy and wrath.

The castle doors leading to the courtyard opened and two guards stepped outside with a young woman between them.

Many cringed at the sight of her.

Her blond tresses were mudded and tangled, her clothes were even more mudded one would not be able to tell what their original color was, she was barefoot and her already battered feet scrapped against the cobble floors. She carried a stench on her that would have anyone empty whatever contents were in their belly.

She kept her head held high, her sapphire eyes stone cold and her lips perused as she was forced to climb the a set of stairs to a platform, where she can be seen from afar.

Her eyes immediately fell on Prince James, clothed in black on top of his horse, watching from a distance. Her expression never faltered despite how venomous look he gave her.

“Cinderella Anne Bennett” the judge’s voice broke the spell that she was in as she turned her head to look at him as he read her verdict to the world

“you are charged with murder and treason to the crown by taking the life of Isabella Jane Porter, Future wife to his royal highness Prince James and future Queen of his realm. What do you plea”

Ella remained quiet for a moment but then let out a small chuckle “guilty”

Murmured and whispers burst from the crowds, obviously from surprise. They had expected her to cry for mercy but then she spoke again “yes, I have taken the life of my stepsister, it may have been wrong for me to do so. I only regret to have not aimed my knife at my stepmother instead”

Gasps echoed through crowds as their voices grew louder.

“my actions were wrong yes I know that but they were the result of 15 years of slavery to that woman, starved and beaten I was forced to work in my father’s own house, denied of my inheritance and my title so that she and her daughters would live comfortably.” Ella spoke again, this time bolder and louder “I had not complained once and yet they showed me to gratitude. I had wanted but one thing in the world and that is a fair chance to win the love of the prince in the ball but she could not grant me even that, instead she burned my mother’s dress that I had planned to wear and locked me in the basement to rot. I escaped with the help of … a friend” she paused for a moment as a thought crossed her mind “Fairy God Mother where are you now?”

She when heard no response, she took a deep breath and continued, her eyes shifting to meet with James once more “that night of the ball was the happiest I have been in 15 years, I have realized that I could obtain my happily ever after but I could not stay for I was cursed to return before midnight so I left behind my glass slipper so my prince would find me”

She saw something flicker in James’s eyes and she licked her lips in anticipation

“I had waited for my prince to find me until he called on our door, my stepmother denied me of my right once more when she held me in that blasted basement once again while her daughters tried on the slipper, my slipper! When I escaped once more, I came to see Isabella had already fitted into the slipper but only I saw the blood that escaped her heels when she cut them off to be able to do so”

The crowds grew silent once more, this time, Ella knew was from shock.

“I asked, begged to try on the slipper … to prove to them that I  was the one the prince was looking for but James took one look at me and …. Dismissed me”

Ella felt tears fill her eyes but kept them fixed on James, but he had averted his gaze from her.

“When my stepmother taunted me about the prince marrying her daughter, ripping once more of my right and my happiness. I believe all of the frustrations that I kept within me for 15 years explode out of me, the next thing I knew, Isabella’s blood stained my hands”

Ella dropped her head and her gaze fixed to the floor “my God bless her soul” she murmured.

She knelt down and closed her eyes, but she heard the sound of a sword being unsheathed. She held her breath and prayed for her soul, vaguely she heard the crowd starting to riot and the sound of a horse galloping towards them as the swooshing sound of the sword emitted in the air

The month of morning had commenced once more.

I hope you enjoyed it and please let me know what you think

Until next time



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