Arabian Love Story

So as many of you know, I took an Advanced Creative Writing course a while ago and ever since it concluded, I have been meeting with the writing group every last Saturday of every month so we can practice writing and continue to support each other in growing as writers.

Last Saturday, as part of the writing exercise that we do during the meeting, we were given a postcard and we had to pick our 5 random words from an envelope. Once we have the 5 words and the postcard we need to write an Arabian Love story using them.

I thought I would share my piece with you, we had 10 minutes to write so it is a little short and is the first draft but I’m happy with it ^^

 Postcard (took a pic of it to show you guys ^^)

My 5 words:

Chocolate, Jacket, Jamal, art, chair


It was a lovely day, the weather was not too cold so Jamal decided against wearing a jacket today but he did fist his hands in his jeans pockets as he strolled casually behind Laila while she rushed ahead of him inside a most in utter excitement. Entering through the doors, his eyes flickered at the heavily decorated blue walls that now surrounded them before they fixed on his wife who looked like a child that had overdosed on chocolate.

He smiled in content, taking a seat in a nearby chair giving Laila all the time in the world to explore this place. When they were engaged a few months ago, she often spoke about her admiration of old historic buildings, calling their interior designs art. He never really understood or took an interest in such things, he was more mathematical. Despite that, he decided to treat her to a day full of history.

As he continued to look at her, his smile widened as his thoughts trailed to what their future held for them now that their lives together had just begun.

She turned her head sideways to meet his eyes and gave him a warm smile.

He found himself falling more in love with her then.

Let me know what you think

Until next time



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