Blogger’s Challenge: Interpret a picture

I haven’t been that active in the last couple blogger challenges, been away on vacation and didn’t have much time to blog or write all together.

So for this week’s challenge, we should interpret a picture so I choose a picture that I took during my visit to Hamburg.

A little bit of its background, I was walking to the train station to pick up a car to drive to Berlin. During that walk, this man was standing next to us and he asked us politely if we knew where the train station was. We did know where it was and pointed out the directions to get to it. As we started to walk again, I couldn’t help but glance at this man every once in a while, with thoughts bouncing in my mind about who this man was and what was he doing here. He clearly wasn’t a resident since he needed directions so I snapped a picture of him because he had intrigued me. So for this challenge, I decided to write this man’s story, in the 1st person which is not something I do but I feel that it was appropriate for this picture.

A tiny drop fell on my nose and I looked up at the depressing grey clouds in the heavens. I shifted the thin straps of the heavy weight of my bag more securely onto my shoulders as I halted at the stoplight. Looking around, my eyes drifted to the cars that raced across the street to the massive lake to my right to fall to the couple standing on my left, obviously tourists but I saw a map sticking out of the woman’s jacket pocket. I cleared my throat and took a deep breath before I shifted closer to them

“Excuse me” I spoke “Can you tell me where I can find the train station please?”

The couple turned, the woman smiled warmly  as she took out the map from her pocket and handed it to the man while she adjusted her headscarf that loosened from the gust of wind that passed by. I turned away from her, respecting that she probably wanted some privacy to do so and gave my attention to the man who had opened the map and pointed at the street that we were at.

“Just straight ahead, you will see it as if you continue taking this road” he said, his lips also curled in a smile.

“Are you sure?” I did not mean to sound doubtful but I’ve had too many people giving me wrong directions during my travels that the question escaped my lips without hesitation.

“Yes of course” the woman nodded, the beige and pink scarf once again secured on her head “we are actually heading there ourselves”

“Thank you” I nodded my head at them gratefully before I started to walk forward once more, my chest filled with relief that I was going the right way.

True to their word, the majestic building of the train station came into view within walking a couple of blocks. Without stopping, I proceeded to enter through the doors, escaping the rain and was engulfed with a sea of traveling people. Finding an empty bench, I sat down to rest my throbbing feet; dumbing the heavy back on the ground. I would have thought I would be used to it by now, after months of walking great distances like this but it seems like my aging legs were starting to feel the strain.

Taking this opportunity to rest; I fished out a wrinkled picture from the breast pocket in my jacket and smoothed out the edges. I couldn’t help but smile at the image of Anna smiling back at me from the image.

I had other pictures of her, but this was by far my favorite. It felt personal, not like those newspaper clippings that I had stuffed in my bag. The story that shook the whole of Europe that took different perspectives depending on the tabloid. But this, this was mine and mine alone.

“Papa is coming darling. I will find you” pressing my lips against the picture, I closed my eyes “if it is the last thing I do, I will find you and will make the men who took you from me see hell on earth”

Returning the picture carefully in my pocket, I stood and hauled the bag of my belongings over my shoulder as I walked to purchase my ticket to the next city to continue to search after reaching a dead end in this one.

“I won’t give up, no matter how long it takes:


Hope you liked it, tell me what you think ^^

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Until next time



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