Moonlight Update # 5

I’ve been a really bad blogger have I?

Well I don’t want to make excuses for it, it is that time of day after all … getting everything ready for the next Untitled Chapters birthday and all the other aspects that keeps on busy from their blog (work XP)

It also has been a while since I’ve updated Moonlight’s Progress.

I am happy to report that after months of rewrites! My latest draft of Moonlight is complete!

I have been over the moon about this, I feel that this draft is much more solid and is pulled together much more tightly than the previous ones so I’m really happy with it ^^ I also was able to come up with a new book title for it that is much more suitable than Moonlight (will not disclose for now hehe)

Next step?


Yup, I’m heading into that scary part of writing

I had spent several weeks creating my agents database which is to identify all (and I mean all) of the agents that are into the genre that I write in in an excel sheet (nerd alert) and I was finally able to finish it a couple of weeks ago

(Agents Database)

I also went through several drafts with my query letter and that’s up and ready to be sent

Now all I need to do is to actually send it

But I haven’t done so yet

I have been utterly terrified at the thought of it

And that is what has been holding me back for weeks

But I finally came to a resolve, gathered up my courage and decided that I was going to send my query letters to agents this weekend!

Wish me luck guys! I am really going to need it

And a lot of chocolate

I’ll let you know how it goes

Until next time