Best Books: 2013

Let’s skip the “sorry-for-disappearing-this-is-my-excuse” paragraph shall we?

Happy new year everyone!

2014 already huh? 2013 just flew by didn’t it?

While I did achieve the goal of editing Moonlight last year, I did have high hopes of at least landing an agent before 2013 ends.

My efforts have been … unsuccessful so far … the rejections just keep piling up.

I did have the blues about it (still have it sometimes) but I figured I need to get back and start working on my query letter and start sending it again.

Wanted to kick off 2014 with a post about what I was reading during 2013, I am happy that I was able to overcome my 20 book challenge that I set myself (getting to 22 books actually! So I’m proud of that even though it’s not my usual 50 that I do every year.

I wanted to list down the best books that I have read in 2013 (not necessarily the books that came out during 2013 but the books that I read during that year)

The Elder Series by Thea Harrison 

I’ve been dying to get my hands on a book series where Dragons are involved, this series showed promise and it did not disappoint

I loved each and every main character in the book, I loved the secondary characters and I love the world that the author created for this series. It has easily became one of the most entertaining books and one of my favorite worlds that I’ve read. The author brilliantly delivers different characters, develop a plot for each one and created politics around these creatures and the world they live in.

Books I’ve read so far in the series

  • Book 1: Dragon Bound – Full Review here
  • Book 2: Storm’s Heart – Full Review here
  • Book 3: Serpent’s Kiss – Full Review here

Still got a long way to go with this series but I cannot wait to get started again.

The Princess Bride by  William Goldman 

A whole different experience full of laughter and characters. A fantastic satire

Full Review here

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

The Book Thief has been on my To-Be-Read list for a while now and with the movie coming out this year, I decided to push it up and start reading it before I watch the movie

From the moment I opened the first page I was hooked.

There is just something about the writer’s style that makes this book so easy to read and light, despite its haunting contents. I think it was simply brilliant that this book was told from the perspective of Death, it really gave me a whole new reading experience not only in a genre/setting I often don’t read about but also from the perspective that was chosen was well.

Full Review here

Set my 2014 challenge to 20 books as well

Until next time