Movie Review: Maleficent

Anyone who knows me well knows I love villains… I see villains as an element a good story can’t do without and often find myself being more drawn to the villain’s story than the protagonists; if they are done correctly.

So it’s a no brainer when I say that I was extremely ecstatic when I found out that Disney was producing a live action movie based on one of my favorite Disney villains of all time; Maleficent

I’ve watched this movie in it’s opening week but waited for a bit to review to let everyone else see it to avoid ruining the movie for anyone reading this blog … So this review will contain major spoilers.

Growing up watching Disney Princess movies, you get to see a wide variety of different villains but we both agree that our favorite villain is Maleficent … for the sole reason behind that is because she completely terrified us. No other villain made us feel as scared as Maleficent did

As I grew older, my appreciation for this character grew;  normally for a villain to make an impression on me; their motivations and backstories play a major role of what my option of them would be but in Maleficent’ s case; she did not need either. Even for a cartoon character, she had a presence in her that was both demanding and threatening; you paid attention when she was on-screen. She was surrounded by mystery that you cannot help but wonder more about her. She not only struck fear in us but despite having so little screen time in the Disney animated movie; you can tell that everyone knew who she was and everyone feared her. I mean; she sentenced a baby to death just because she was not invited to a party!

So when we were going to get a movie all about this character I began to wonder on the possibilities of which direction would they go.

This 2014 live action movie was a complete and utter disappointment.

It was so disappointing that I actually felt sad and wished that I had never watched it.

Yes that bad…

The biggest flaw in this movie is that Disney themselves were not able to take advantage to take this character who was as awesome as she was with little to no back story and motivations to an even more awesome and badass villain by making her more 3 dimensional with the addition of these two elements.

Instead we got this movie …

This movie shows that Disney failed to understand what made Maleficent such a memorable and beloved character with the fans. The fans loved her because she hugely, ostentatiously, unrepentant EVIL! They instead decided to turn the “Mistress of all Evil” into a tragic and sympathetic character who was not a villain at all!

I will give them credit for one thing; her backstory about why she turned evil was good; I was scared that they were going with the “heartbroken spiteful ex-girlfriend” method but being betrayed by her friend and have her wings stolen by him was a good enough reason to hate all humans.

So I ask you this, Why would she raise the child of the man who betrayed her trust and friendship?

And that apology and peck on the forehead towards the end of the movie just made me want to scream at the screen! What the hell was that?! That was not the Maleficent I know!

They even took away the part where she can morph into a dragon!

What this movie also failed to address is why the humans were all such douchbags; they were the villains of this movie and not Maleficent.

Don’t even get me started with the three fairies assigned to be Aurora’s guardians; sure they provided some comic relief in the animated film but they were just complete morons in this movie! Not only were they made to be stupid but neglectful as well! The fairies in the animated version; while they were a little clueless in some aspects they did genuinely care about Aurora and love her while in the 2014 movie; they only seemed concerned about themselves and not give a damn about the princess at all.

Was there really a need for a prince in this movie? I swear he was barely on-screen and did absolutely NOTHING!

If this movie was a new fairytale that Disney wanted to showcase and was NOT a movie about Maleficent then I would have absolutely LOVED it! There were elements in there that would make a fantastic fresh fairytale. It should not have associated itself with this character. Angelina Jolie played the character well (when she was supposed to be evil) and she fits the character design perfectly! The first parts of the movie before Maleficent turned into a fairy godmother were fantastic!

But I guess that was the element that Disney knew would get people in theater seats

I mean I should have expected it right? They would have never kill off Angelina Jolie in an Angelina Jolie film.

Rating: 1/5 stars


One thought on “Movie Review: Maleficent

  1. Asma A.J says:

    Haha, I understand your frustration.

    I enjoyed the movie, but felt it lacked a bit. They could have done MORE to build Maleficent’s character. I liked the backstory, but somewhere during the movie, it missed what could have been “epicness” by expanding the circle of characters against Maleficent’s.

    I don’t know how to explain it, but it could have been so much more.

    The graphics were great though!

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