Little one, meet your Baba

Her feet were rooted in her spot, her heart beating hard as the adrenaline pumped through her veins, her eyes never wavered from the gate, waiting to see any slight movement from it.

Her eyes shifted to the bundle in her hand, the same that has stolen her heart 2 months ago.

“Your Baba is coming home little one” she murmured as she kissed her tiny brow “you’re going to meet him for the first time, are you excited?” She smiled as she felt her daughter squirm slightly in her arms but did not wake from her slumber.

A cranking sound caused her to snap her head up, her breath caught in her throat as she watched the gate door slide open. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw her husband walk through the door, his uniform in full view and his face lit up in a large smile as his eyes met hers.

She let out a small sob and slowly walked down to meet him halfway. “Welcome home my hero”


This is my prompt for the #UCPrompt11 challenge dedicated to the heroes who came home yesterday ❤️

This short story also inspired the current story I am writing, although my novel isn’t so cheerful




She walked in grace; her steps light and her hair blew like ropes of gold in the wind.

Daisies, lilies and roses framed her forehead as her smile illuminated the street.

Her eyes sparkled in anticipation as she fixed her gaze to him; standing behind the counter hard at work.

His tanned arm lifted and her breath caught as strong fingers raked through thick black hair.

Their eyes met and he smiled. Again she felt air escape her lungs as her heart beat wildly in her chest.

He moved around the counter and walked slowly but defiantly towards her before extending his gift to her.

“A fine treat for a fine lady” he stated.

“Thank you” she smiled up at him before accepting the creamy offering of chocolate and hazelnut.

Her fingers brushed his and sparks ignited.


Pressed Memories

She pressed them herself.

Growing up, I never knew the significance of them until one day I asked her the reason why she pressed flowers and why only peony petals.

She looked at me; her eyes softening and with it, it felt like the wrinkles around them somehow seems less visible.

“Every year on our anniversary. Your father gave me a bouquet of Peonies, they were the flowers I used in my bouquet at our wedding. I pressed a petal from our first year anniversary as a memory”

“So you pressed a petal for each anniversary you spent together?” I smiled; though having never met my father my heart still swelled with joy.

A sadness fell in my mothers expression and she shook her head “I started pressing them since the first anniversary I spent alone without him”

– Fatma

Nanowrimo Participation 2015

I really did not think I was going to do Nanowrimo this year. I mean, it’s already been three days since it started and I haven’t signed up to write a novel for 2015.

but you know what?

This morning, I registered my participation for Nanowrimo 2015.

and it feels so good!

I haven’t participated since 2012 and my last win at this challenge was in 2011 so I am excited to experience this adrenaline rush again and write something new.

I was on the fence because I didn’t know what I was going to write and I was also conflicted on whether or not I would start a new novel or bring Moonlight back to my plate and start rewriting and reediting it again.

I finally decided to go for the new novel since I can pick up Moonlight in January 2016.

The story I decided to write this time around is something completely new for me, for one it’s set in modern times and has elements of fantasy in it.

Novel Title: Crow’s Thorns

you can find the synopsis below:

Everything in Adrian Crow’s life was going like he always saw it, he was one of most powerful and richest business men in New York, he was engaged to the love of his life and he placed his status as one of most powerful warlocks in the magical realm.

Until his world literally came crashing down on him.

When his fiancée was diagnosed with lung cancer.

despite being a powerful witch and with all the money in the world he had to spend, the doctors gave him no hope for his fiancée’s recovery. Even she was finally ready to give in.

But Adrian wasn’t going to give up.

No Fucking way!

He is willing to do anything to save the love of his life, even if it means he has to strike a deal with the most powerful witch in the world, Aretha Thornheart. A witch who has outlived any other witch in history and has no rival in power. it is rumored that she can change anyone’s fate…

Given the right price.

You can find the link to my profile here

wish me luck!

anyone else participating?

– Fatma