Little one, meet your Baba

Her feet were rooted in her spot, her heart beating hard as the adrenaline pumped through her veins, her eyes never wavered from the gate, waiting to see any slight movement from it.

Her eyes shifted to the bundle in her hand, the same that has stolen her heart 2 months ago.

“Your Baba is coming home little one” she murmured as she kissed her tiny brow “you’re going to meet him for the first time, are you excited?” She smiled as she felt her daughter squirm slightly in her arms but did not wake from her slumber.

A cranking sound caused her to snap her head up, her breath caught in her throat as she watched the gate door slide open. Her eyes filled with tears as she saw her husband walk through the door, his uniform in full view and his face lit up in a large smile as his eyes met hers.

She let out a small sob and slowly walked down to meet him halfway. “Welcome home my hero”


This is my prompt for the #UCPrompt11 challenge dedicated to the heroes who came home yesterday ❤️

This short story also inspired the current story I am writing, although my novel isn’t so cheerful



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