Among the grey skies

The skies were as a grey as her mood.

She wondered how long she stood there, the shop’s think out display barely gave her the refuge she was seeking as the clouds emptied their burden onto the earth.

She couldn’t help the irony… The weather seemed to match her luck these days.

Dull, bleak and miserable…

A dark shadow loomed above her and she closed her eyes.

Unable to believe that it was possible that today was going to be even darker than it is. “Miss” a dark voice shook her from her thoughts as she jumped and whirled around towards it.

He was a man with dark features, raven dark hair and bottomless black eyes with skin to contrast.

But somehow, she felt lighter as she lost herself in those dark eyes.

He smiled and extended a pink and green umbrella over her head; leaning in to take her hand and wrap her fingers around the handle. “a beautiful woman like you shouldn’t be stuck like this in the rain” his deep voice caused a shiver to run down her spin.

He gave her one last smile before he walked away from her.

And for the first time in months, she smiled as well


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