1st Love of a girl’s life

She sat there in front of her Vanity mirror while her hand maiden brushed her long dark hair. You could feel the beating rhythm of her heartbeat and she feared that it’s beats could be heard by the other woman in the room.

She was dressed in the finest materials of white and blue; her family house colors for tonight’s event.

::: Her debut ball :::

She felt a wave of emotions overwhelm her, a ball of excitement mixed with a bundle of nerves.

She heard the door knock and beckoned for the footman to enter. He presented her with a beautiful decorated box; the blue and white details engraved on it took her breath away.

She looked up at the footman once more 

“A gift from your father” he informed her when he saw the question her eyes.

Her heart swelled with happiness as she gazed upon the beautiful white and blue box.

Papa always knew her best and she knew that no knight in shining armor tonight would match the first love of her life, the man who protected her from her demons of her childhood and she had idolized all of her life.

She closed her eyes and smiled “Thank you Papa” she thought, somehow knowing that it would read her father.


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