Home, warm and safe

“Far over the Misty Mountain cold”

She shifted, closing the fur lined coat closer to her body, taking in the musty scene that is distinctive of the coat’s owner.

It enveloped her whole being, taking her mind to a memory far away.

It smelt like home.

For home is where she is journeying towards…

She looked up, the show lightly covered the magnificent tall trees that surrounded her and her companion as their feet sank deep in the snow.

She kept her eyes firm on his back as she followed him through the forest, she could tell that he was cold from how fidget his shoulders were.

And yet, he gave her his coat.

An overwhelming sense of guilt and warm engulfed her.

She tried to protest though she knew he would never take his coat back after he offered it to her.

They came to the end of the forest and she closed her eyes, taking in the fresh air around her, filled with the scent of pine and snow.

She opened them once more and saw that the clouds had parted away from the concealed sun, though the winds still blew its cold breeze.

She turned towards him and met with a gentle smile.

And she felt warm.



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