Contemplation of Historicalfantasy scenes

Hello world!

So over the last couple of months, I have been putting up some scenes that I’ve been writing revolving around a Historical Fantasy world. Kind of like Game of thrones where it is mostly historical with elements of magic in it. Haven’t figured out everything that revolves around it yet but I’m having fun exploring it.

Instagram has been very popular with getting my story out there, it reaches the most number of people but the word limit in the caption is a liability where I cannot post a whole scene at once so I decided to create a blog post that will have all of the stories that I created around this universe in one post for everyone to read. You can find all of these stories if you use the hashtag #anticawriteshistoricalfantasy on Instagram but if you would rather have them all in one blog post then you can proceed here. Please note that these scenes are  very random with different timelines but I’ll try to keep them as organized so that they are in sequential manner. I will also have all the scenes that relate to each other under the same color so you know that we are talking about the same set of characters in different scenes even though there might be time skips
Under the light of the dying candle, she struggled to keep her eyes opened. Her vision blurred with very drop of the candle wax she as struggled to keep her grip firm in attempt to stop the book from tumbling onto the hard stone floor.

“Reina?” a voice echoed through the semi dark room.

Reina looked up at the man coming through the library door, closing it behind him. From his features she could tell that he had not retired either and remained wearing the same clothes she had last seen him in in the courtyard.

He looked so handsome in forest green.

A green she had once hoped to wear proudly someday.

She heard him call her name again and blinked away her daydream before laying the book on the table next to her and stood as he approached her.

“Sir Ricker” she whispered, bowing her head low towards him. Eyes lowered and expression demure

He heard him snort and could almost see him roll his eyes “formalities Lady Beryl?”

She lifted her eyes at him at the way he said her title, as she straightened she kept her voice formal “it’s only appropriate”

“Appropriate for what? For you? Now that you’ve secured a prince for a husband”

That hurt, she could feel the blow of his words strike her physically in her heart. “No other suitor can match a prince, it an honor to be chosen by his grace” she spoke, tilting her chin at him as she clasp her hands together.

She hoped he could not see that they were shaking. “Those are your words or your fathers?” he challenged.

She remained silent but after a moment she sighed, unable to fight against the fatigue that plagued her whole being and her dreams. “What do you wish me to say Ricker?” she murmured “do you wish me to defy my father? To refuse the king’s proposal and deny the prince the woman he desires? Is that what you want?” 

Couldn’t he see how hard this was for her?

“Yes” he answered, with a single shred of doubt and fear. His pale grey eyes reflected his determination as he stepped closer to her, his hands extended and she jumped when they took hold of her own ones and held them to his chest, his thumbs stroking her cold fingers “forget all of that, come away with me”

Her whole body shook, not from the cold but from the anguish that was building inside of her, she shook her head trying to rid herself of the tears that suddenly began to form in her eyes

“And go where? There isn’t a place in this land that the king’s armies can’t reach, they will find us and they will kill you” her voice broke in a sob.

He pulled her towards him, his arms encasing her shoulders and waist as her body shook even harder, her resolve lost its battle against her sorrow. “Then we shall ride until we reach the edge of this earth, we will ride and we will ride and ride until no one can find us. I’d rather throw myself from his earth than be parted with you” he murmured, rubbing her shoulders and arms “I’d rather die as your husband than watch you wed that coward!”

He pulled away from her and placed his hands on her cheeks, holding her close and looked into her eyes “don’t ask me to step away, I could not bear it” “Rick” she murmured

He leaned in and kissed her with a passion she knew so well, passion that he had taught her other the course of time they spent together in secret.

She could not bear to live in a world where he did not exist either.

A pair of tears fell on her cheeks.

He pulled away, his eyes opened and filled with hope. “Come with me” he murmured, his voice husky.

She opened her eyes to gaze up at him, swallowing her hurt she gave him her answer.

End scene


This scene happens after a long time skip from the last scene 

She moved deeper into the room & with all the grace that she was known for.

He gestured to the letter, she nodded & picked it up; her hands small & soft like her face, showed no signs of her aging years save for the two lines that highlighted her eyes.

“This is wonderful news” she spoke “this match will surely be a powerful one, not only for the realm but for the family as well”

“how so?” he faked ignorance as he often did with her.

“How can you not see it?” she frowned, he knew from irritation “our son will joined to the most powerful house in the kingdom, the heir to the throne!”

She stood & he watched her paced around the room, deep in thought before she stopped abruptly and turned towards him

“our son could be king one day”

“Ellyn” his frown “he will be king regent”

“Regardless! That’s more than any other position he will ever have! This is wonderful news!” she was practically twirling with delight

“He will not be so until the princess takes the throne which will be with her mother’s passing”

Ellyn stopped then, her expression neutral but her eyes studied him, he kept his composure and maintained his gaze on her face.

“You wouldn’t want that would you?”

Her question took him by surprise but she spoke before he could

“I suppose this is the ideal solution for you… with the passing of Henri, your house will raise in power, our son will be more powerful than ever and” she paused, her eyes scanning his face “you will have her to yourself”

He froze, a chill ran through his spine as anger boiled in his blood “We are not to discuss this”

“Why not? She is a widow now” she titled her head in fake arrogance

“Just because I choose to honor you, wife, does not mean I won’t hit you if you don’t hold your tongue”

“Oh will you now?”

“This matter is none of your concern and if I hear a whisper of this from anyone, I will know it was you who spoke them” he stalked towards her, wanting to frighten her.

Yet she didn’t move, didn’t even flinch “I know you still love her”


He knew his answer was cruel, he could see the flash of hurt in her eyes, Ellyn never loved him but he knew a woman’s need to be wanted. He supposed he could fault himself for being so distant from her but she knew she wasn’t the woman he wanted.

How she knew who he wanted was a mystery that haunted him till this day.

She sighed and moved to turn away, to leave his room but he stopped her with a hand on her arm as he turned her back towards him

“Ellyn” he spoke, his voice softer now “I will continue to honor you. I shall not act in any way that will be disrespectful of you or your good name”

She smiled at him, a small one but a smile, he might not have loved her but he grew to respect her. She was a woman he could admire, a strong one who lived with a man who had not loved her for any moment of their 20 years together and yet she maintained her role as a dutiful wife. She was a good wife. He wasn’t sure if he held her heart, she made no indication of it

But she was not the woman he wanted.

He kissed her on her forehead, an act that he rarely does “Thank you” she murmured, leaning into him to savor the moment.

She might be in love with him but her actions often conflict themselves that he doesn’t know what to make of them

“You are right though” he murmured, smiling down at her brown eyes “this will be a good match for both houses”

“Shall we go tell Leo?” she asked

He nodded his head “you go, I have to write to the queen to inform her of our date of travels, we are expected to arrive in court for the burial and the engagement announcement”

She nodded her head before exiting the room, leaving him alone once again with his thoughts

And his memories. 

Now sitting back on his chair, he picked up his pen and dipped it, once and twice, in the ink well before hovering it above the paper.

He did not move.

He dipped his pen again

He hovered.

It had been 20 years since he wrote a letter to her majesty, all of his correspondents where made to Henri, he never had the need to write to the queen.

He was dumbstruck

He had no idea how to proceed with it.

He dipped again

And hovered.

A dark stain grew on the page as the ink dipped from his pen, he fisted his hand through the page and threw it aside, replacing his pen in its holder before leaning back and taking deep breaths. He closed his eyes and took a few moments.

He opened them again, leaning forward to pick up the pen once more and began to write.

To your royal highness…

To my beloved Rei


This scene happens after another time skip from the last scene 

The room was dim as the sun began to make its decent to the edge of the world and in any moment now Her handmaiden was going to come inside her study to light the candles as she does at every sunset.

She stood there, looking at the sky start to bleed at the loss of its light. Posture erect and expression neutral.

The every image of a queen.

Her eyes wander to her desk and she stared at it for a moment before moving towards it, her fingers slipping inside her gown to pull at a cord that held a small key at the end of it.
Unlocking the dust infested drawer and took out the lone item that sat there, her fingers sweeping the thick layer that covered it before caressed its edges.

The decision she is about to make is weighing heavily on her heart, mirroring the weight of the crow that rested atop her head.

Opening to a middle chapter, her eyes fixed on the lavender stem that was pressed between the pages of text.

Her favorite as they were always presented to her …. By him.

She took a deep breath, closing her eyes for a moment before opening them once more. She moved to stand in front of the fire that roared in the room.

She bumps the book and the favor into the flames and watches it burn

Tonight she needs to face him

And condemn his son to a fate worse than death


This scene is pretty random from the ones on top evolving different characters 

Roaring waves thundered throughout the horizon as they crashed against the jagged rocks that protected the village from the dangers of the open sea. They stood there, just the two of them with their closest friend as their witness as well as their priest. In the place where they grew to love regardless of their harsh conditions. Though the sea water stung her eyes as they flew through the air as they connected with land, her gaze never wavered from his.

It only when he was presenting her with her ring that she looked down at their joint hands and gasped at the ring he has chosen.

As traditions call, the ring held the spectacular white pearl of his house in the center, entwined with the silver veins that held it in place. “Look closer” he whispered to her, his breath fanning her bangs.

She flushed, looking up at him in confusion before looking down at the ring again.

He had titled her hand sideways and she saw the tiny glimmer that shone against the smooth pearl.

The tiny diamond sat on the side of the pearl, the symbol of her house.

Something that was expected of her to leave behind. Thinking about it, leaving her mother’s legacy behind after everything that has happened caused her many sleepless nights with worry.

She looked at him again, her eyes shone with tears as she beamed at him “I love it, thank you” she murmured.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, drawing her close and she in turn wrapped her arms around his neck as they shared a moment.

It was the perfect scene, alone with their vows and their love.

Away from the politics and chaos that surrounded their world.


This is also a stand alone scene from the rest that revolves around different characters from the rest of the others mentioned above. 

He could still hear her screams
In the middle of the busy courtyard, where ladies and lords were too busy climbing their ambitious ladders to even notice the lonely dark window that stood among the brightly lit ones that surrounded it.
Yet it encased him
Because he know who lies behind those wooden doors
The woman who held his heart five years ago and whose grip is now equally as strong
Yet it’s been five years since he’s seen her face, her eyes bright as emeralds.
He longed to see her, to hold her but knows that she might curse him the minute she laid eyes on him.
For she was condemned for being a witch
All because of how she was born
A bastard child in a royal court

And he played his role in her entrapment.
False and cruel he was to her, a girl of 16 at the time.
He could still hear her screams, the betrayed look in her eyes which slowly evolved into pure rage as she was dragged to that tower in chains

Though he longed to see her, he knows that should that ever happen, he would be the last sight he sees in this world
He had plans and he does not intend to depart his life without fulfilling them first
I’m sorry he whispers
He walks away


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