A Writer

I’ve written my first story in the 4th Grade. I have been writing actively from the age of 16 years old, started to take it more seriously at the age of 19.

I can’t imagine my life without writing. Creating characters, worlds and stories brings me joy beyond any amount of words that I can write here. i guess I can quote Lord Byron when he said “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad” because it is the quote that I identify with 100%

The genres that I mostly write in are Historical, Romance and Fantasy for adults and young adults. I simply adore writing Historical romances, especially during the Regency Era, England. That is where most of my ideas of my stories take place and that is the genre that I adore the most.

I also write and would like to write stories that revolve around Emirati Characters. I have one story written and have several ideas for more.

My goal is to become a published author and have my stories read by people from all around the world.

I am also the founder of Untitled Chapters, a community that brings together Female Emirati Writers.

A reader

I’ve been a reader longer than I have been a writer. For as long as I remember, I constantly had a book in my hand. Every day I thank my father for impeding the love of reading within me because as a reader himself, he must know how much enjoyment one gets from a good book.

I don’t limit myself to a specific genre, I will read whatever catches my interest. though the following genres are the ones that I find myself most active in reading

  • Romance, both historical and contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Classics
  • History
  • Young Adult
  • Manga


I am also someone who enjoyed anime and manga throughout her life. I used to watch / read it in secret but not anymore…

I also enjoy fashion; I truly love the art of clothes and appreciate designers and what they do. I am kind of a shopaholic and I honestly think if writing wasn’t my creative medium then it would defiantly be designing.

I also enjoy make up, movies and TV shows

I absolutely am obsessed with theatre. I have been obsessed with The Phantom of the opera ever since I discovered in at the age of 16 years old. There was no turning back from there

Yours truly



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